Best open source software of 2016

Best open source software of 2016

Open source software projects have contributed a lot over the years. The internet wouldn’t come to be if it weren’t for this amazing idea to show information publicly to anyone who wants to access it and share knowledge with their peers.

But what are the best latest inventions that were produced by this extraordinary method? Stay tuned and find out.

Best open source projects of 2016

Now, many new open source projects pop up every day, but not all of them are worth your time. As a matter of fact, most of them aren’t, but those that are, are worth waiting for.


Free-CADIf you’ve heard about Auto-CAD, then you can probably guess what this project will be all about, however, if you haven’t, this is a program used by most engineers to design real-world objects.

This is an extremely helpful tool and if it can get better than it is now, why not?

The creator of this project said that Free-CAD will be able to import and export a huge variety of 3D formats and that the program will be easily modifiable with various plug-ins. The project already has some pretty cool features built-in, like robot-simulation ability.


This program features a multi-entry bookkeeping, it can import a large variety of formats, supports many different currencies; it can help you create budgets and print checks, pull stocks, import from online banks, and also create reports. Almost everything you need, you will find here.


OpenHab is a software that lets you take control of your house via voice commands, automatically or with a push of a button. It can also monitor devices by detecting their Bluetooth, and it can take action as they enter or leave the house.

With OpenHab you can basically adjust everything in your home, from temperature to security modes.

If you want to contribute or get to know a bit more about these ideas, you can find all of them on GitHub

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