Open Source Provides Better and Flexible Enterprise Solutions

open source enterpriseThe days of proprietary software and all the glory of the big software giants like Microsoft and IBM may slowly be fading away. Although they won’t disappear tomorrow, there’s a new game in town and businesses are starting to see the value moving their way. Well, okay, they aren’t exactly “new”, but open source vendors and solution providers are starting to get the attention they deserve from the enterprise. Continue reading

Open Source Software: Business and Change

open source for business

Open source software has made a lot of contribution to numerous fields. And one aspect that has gained a lot of benefits is the business world. Businesses have truly never had a one-size fits-all game plan. Business owners have been tweaking and tuning their strategic approach to suit the constant change happening in the market. And it’s this flexibility and ever-changing nature of the business craft that open source software has found a place in the business world. Continue reading

CoreCLR Bolsters Microsoft’s Strategic Venture to Open Source

open sourceCreativity and flexibility are the backbone of the open source concept. For developers, programming becomes a community effort in order to transform any software to be virtually free of loopholes. It is the “connectedness” that makes the software better and more efficient. Thus, it is not one expert improving the technical knowledge but he seeks great contributions from other experts who can improve any open source creation to become more valuable to people as it evolves over time. Continue reading