Why You Should Definitely Open Source Your Project

If it is possible you should definitely open source your projects. When a project is open sourced then numerous people have the opportunity to contribute to the quality and give feedback in real time. Open sourcing a project can change your life in an instant.

Open sourcing projects has saved many individuals, startups, and even giant companies thousands of dollars and hours by putting their projects directly into the hands of people who are passionate about developing and coding. Further, if the word gets out about your project then it is more likely that others around the globe will get involved.

This means that your project will the hands on expertise you need from multiple points of view absolutely free. If all these reasons aren’t convincing enough then think about the fact that with open source when people get involved they will even help you fix bugs in your product.

Your bugs will be fixed like yesterday while the same people simultaneously help you build an interested consumer audience. If an idea or project takes off in an open source atmosphere then the word of mouth advertising alone can turn your small idea into an empire overnight.

Speaking of word of mouth advertising, open sourcing will allow you to hit it out of the park in terms of customizing it to fit the needs of your potential clients. If there are countless people using your software or app then they can also change the code to make your project user friendly in order to fit their exact needs.

All of these things can be accomplished while simultaneously avoiding the extra costs of hiring people to help you. The costs of completing the project will be drastically reduced as you save money on programmers. Further, you will save money when factoring in the lost time it takes to test your final product.

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