A Gift to the Open Source Community

open source communityComputer related courses are among the top courses today where graduates have a high chance of landing a job. A fact which surprises no one, for – well, just look around. All those movies back then about how the future will look have already been fleshed out in the real world. Most of it.

Technology has advance to a state where practically everything is getting pulled by its wake. To ensure that this progress continues we need a steady stream of professionals that aren’t only up to the task, but can push and explore other areas of this sector.

This thought is why we’re going to talk about a certain open-source programmer, one Sage Weil.

The Gift, The Giver, and The Goal

Sage Weil is the creator of the data storage system called Ceph. The open source program started out as Weil’s thesis project. After he got his Ph.D. in computer science at the University of California, Santa Cruz, he went on working on the thesis project which would become the Ceph that it is now.

The gift was $3 million dollars’ worth of fund intended to support open-source research at UC Santa Cruz, more specifically to CROSS (Center for Research on Open Source Software).

CROSS, which is headed by Carlos Maltzahn, is aimed in providing opportunities to students similar to what Weil did: continue working on a promising open source project which can then be developed into a successful program like Ceph.

Maltzahn voiced that this gift is a tremendous help, not only to the University, but to the open source community as a whole.

The grant will attract talented students like Weil to the school and help them continue working on the thesis project which they’ve already poured time and effort in to. This will provide a smooth transition from designing and creating a software infrastructure to an open source project which can then be further developed into a usable product.

CROSS’ is aimed towards developing projects in data science, storage systems, real-time systems, data management, distributed systems, and networking.

Steady Pace Towards Progress

Before he came to UC, Santa Cruz in 2004, Weill was already successful as an entrepreneur having founded the web hosting company called DreamHost – an apt name for someone who’s helping students achieve what he did.

Weil said that if CROSS succeeds in its goal he’s hoping that other universities will follow with what they’ve started.

It’s certainly a treat seeing someone successful lend a helping in hand to those who have yet to reach their dreams. Weil is ensuring that the future of open source programs will have a steady pace towards progress.

Ceph was developed by Weil for seven years after his time with the university. While CROSS certainly doesn’t have that much to support a student for seven years as he develop his thesis project, Maltzahn hopes that the center would be enough for the students to reach a point where the project can then be developed by others which will push it forward.

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